“How-Tue”sdays: Twisted side ponytail

Hello you beautiful being!

Today I’m going to show you how to do a wonderfully magical twisted side ponytail. What you’ll find about me is that I love to look ridiculously cute in the least amount of time possible, naturally. Who has time to shower and blow dry their hair every morning, anyway? Certainly not me, I fancy my sleep a little too much. So this next video is another way to turn those greasy hair days into a brilliant success, in less than 5 minutes!

What you’ll need:

two hands

a few bobby pins

Dry Shampoo: I prefer and highly recommend Redken Pillow Proof 2 Day Extender because it absorbs oil, gives volume and has a nice fresh scent.

Hair Spray: I love and prefer Redken Fashion Work 12 because of the versatility of the spray.

Watch the following tutorial and I can walk you through step by step how to achieve this look!

If you have thicker hair you may want to use more bobby pins. Also, if your hair is heavy and doesn’t want to stay put when you spray, you can use a higher hold hairspray. I would recommend Redken Control Addict 28.

There you have it lovelies! I hope you enjoyed this week’s “How-Tue”sday and I hope you will comment to let me know any requests you have! This next Tuesday I will be showing how to do a simple yet gorgeous updo for those fabulous upcoming work parties!

Stay fabulous,


“How-Tue”sdays: Curl Set That Gives Two Looks

Hello beautiful! Today I have a video showing a simple curl set that allows you to have two different looks.

One being sleek into voluminous curls in the bottom


The other being a sleek soft waved look.


You will need pin curl clips (in the video, for some reason, I decided to just call them pin curls… Classy) to hold your curl in place while it cools. Salon professional heat protectant, I prefer Redken Iron Shape 11. Salon professional hairspray, I prefer Redken Fashion Work 12. Lastly, a finishing brush with soft bristles, I use Olivia Garden Supreme Ceramic & Ion finishing brush.


Watch below for the full tutorial video

I have thinner/average hair. If you have thicker hair, you may decide to take smaller section down to bring to the front and curl.

Have fun and look gorgeous!

Until next Tuesday,


The Beginning of “How-Tue”-sdays

Today begins my venture to post How-tos on the most adorable styles every Tuesday.

I will be posting tutorials on celebrity inspirations, cute styles for greasy hair days, tips and tricks for hair care and styling, product usage, and much more! Basically, anything to make the relationship you have with your hair more romantic, easy, and fun! Let’s take that relationship to the next level, shall we?

This first look begins when you look a little like this…


You wake up, your hair is horribly greasy but you have no time to wash and style it. Or maybe you do, but you don’t feel like it…. Watch how to do this adorable pompadore into a braided bun!


These are the products I used: Redken Wax Blast 10 to prep the hair and Redken Fashion Work 12 to finish. You will need bobby pins, a teasing brush and an elastic or two. If you have thick hair you will need to do two braids and you can secure one braid with an elastic while you make the other. Or simply do one braid like you saw me do. It’s wonderfully easy! Have fun!

With love,

5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Color from Leaving You

How amazing do you feel the moment you walk out of your hair color appointment? Your color is fresh, vibrant and the shine on that sucker could blind a stranger walking by. So why is it that just weeks later your color is feeling dull and lifeless? Why isn’t the tone as vibrant, and why does it look and feel much different from the hair you remember just weeks prior? Well, let’s take a look and see if you are taking the utmost precaution to make sure your color isn’t getting tired of your bad habits and walking out the door on you.


1. It all begins at your hair appointment. You know that deep conditioning treatment that your stylist offers you? That one that “locks in the color with protein and seals the cuticle down to offer shine and softness.” That one that you may… or may not pass up due to the extra $15-$25? That stuff is liquid gold! Not to mention the incredible scalp massage that comes with it! While you’re totally relaxing that treatment is working hard and giving your hair a protein-moisture dream makeover. You see, hair color needs protein. Imagine this, have you ever seen that couple at the bar where the girl sits on her man’s lap even though there are plenty of other seats around? Protein is that big tough dreamy hunk of a man and hair color is a that needy girlfriend that would prefer to sit on her man rather than her own seat. She is needy, annoyingly needy. So do yourself a favor, let you needy hair color sit on the lap of her boyfriend, protein, and take your stylist up on the offer.


2. Okay, we are still at your hair appointment. Your stylist is walking you up to the front and they begin to talk to you about retail. You think to yourself, “Here we go again. They’re pitching me their expensive color safe shampoo and conditioner again. It’s just too darn expensive!” What you aren’t thinking about is the protecting the investment you’re making at the counter. Your hair color! You are typically spending over a $100 on your hair color, and then allowing it to wash down the drain because
a $15 difference in shampoo and conditioner from the store brand. Let me be frank, store brand hair care products do not protect your color. No matter how “sulfate free” or how many vitamins and minerals they promise are in there, they are not being totally honest. The good stuff they put in there is heavily cancelled out by all the waxes and chemicals they use as fillers to be able to provide it for you at that cost. Trust me, Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Gardner do not use it, even though their hair is shiny and beautifully wind blown in the commercials. I’ve been behind the scenes on a campaign that didn’t even have the stylist use the actual product they were trying to sell. It’s a mirage! Bottom line, it creates build up on your hair which in turn dries out your hair because it works as a barrier against any moisture and protein that actually wants to get in and help your hair. I recommend either Redken Color Extend shampoo and condition or Redken Color Extend Magnetics sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Although those are the specific products dedicated to protecting your hair color, none of their other hair care products will strip your color. Pureology is also an amazing luxurious hair color care brand that I adore, and it’s entire line has added color saving properties. Your stylist should be able to make a recommendation for your specific hair type. Trust them!

For all you “I don’t use conditioner” people, start using it. Shampoo roughs up the cuticle and you need conditioner to smooth it back down. If you hair gets weighed down easily opt for Pureology Pure Volume or Redken Bodyfull conditioner.


3. Now I like my showers HOT. I like the water almost burning my skin, because I am almost always cold. This is the worst possible thing for hair color. I’m guilty and I’m sure you are as well. All of that steam and putting your hair in hot water opens the door to your cuticle and allows your hair color to take a beautiful swan dive down the drain. Solution: when washing your hair use warm water (even cool water if you can handle it). Just turn the heat down a bit! Your hair will thank you for it.


4. Invest in hair masks and treatments. These professional companies do not make hollow promises. Redken and Pureology are two brands I love and am committed to because of they way they are constantly looking for ways to repair damaged hair and also protect hair from future breakage. Here are the masks and treatments I recommend and who they are meant for:

For dry and damaged hair in need of strength and shine: Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment

For color treated hair that needs fade resistance, including UV protection: Redken Color Extend Rich Recovery

For color treated hair that needs added strength and softness: Redken Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Mask

For blondes or highly distressed and damaged hair that needs an intense repair: Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus


5. Now, if you do nothing else, at least commit to this next one. Use a heat protectant when styling your hair! I recommend Redken Satinwear 02 for something lightweight, or Pureology Precious Oil for something a little more smoothing. Apply these before you blow dry and rest assured your color has a barrier from the heat! When using hot tools it is SO important to have a thermal spray. I recommend Redken Iron Shape 11. This versatile spray will not only protect your color and integrity of your hair, but it will also make sure all the work you put into styling it will last. Not to mention, the smell is fantastic!

heat tools

use this…


…so this happens…


…and not this.

There you have it! Follow these simple steps and keep your color looking rich and lustrous until you see your favorite friend-artist-therapist-magician-Wonder Human of a stylist again.

Hair color is an accessory, let’s wear it well!

with love,

FALL IN FLORIDA : No change in the air, but change in our hair!

When you live in Florida and the month of October begins you are typically left daydreaming about what it might be like to live in a place where there’s actually such thing as fall. A place where leaves change and give off a magnifi-scent scent as they fall to the ground, and where a perfectly crisp breeze gives you butterflies. We simply get teasers of “cold fronts” getting no lower than 50 degrees and leaving as quickly as it came, pumpkin spice lattes, and turning the ac wayyyy down and getting all bundled up to play pretend with an Autumn Leaves Yankee Candle burning in the background. So we have no choice but embrace all of falls colors within our hair!

This has been such a fun start to the season with many of my lovelies coming in with pictures of inspiration containing warm, rich, deeply gorgeous tones to transform their look. Summer blondes opting for more of the season’s latest “bronde” coloring. It’s that color that you can’t tell, is it blonde? Or is it brown? Bronde. That was easy. It can be a light honey, or a deep caramel in coloring, and can be done simply with a demi permanent gloss, giving shine and conditioning to our desperately dry and thirsty summer strands.

Ombre is far from gone. It has simply morphed into different terminology. Balayage is not a new word, in fact it’s a french technique brought to America over 15 years ago, but it’s being reborn and put back on the radar. Essentially it’s allowing your hairdresser to have FUN painting your hair and picking highlights to be more noticeable and bolder where you want to see it. It’s painting hair where it lives instead of pulling it out of there and placing it in a foil. You can add fall to your ombre simply by glazing with a demi permanent gloss or cream. Brunettes can opt for a spicy ginger or sangria glaze, or even go for the chocolate caramel trend craze right now. This hair color trend site is pretty savvy to show you some of the latest trends going for 2014.


My summer blonde going bronde.


Another trend craze called splashlights. I darkened her underneath to match her root, to give a shadow under her highlights. I balayaged highlights on top and glazed them with a rich spicy ginger demi-permanent color.


This beauty opted for a rich chocolate bob for the season.


And I balayage ombre-d this black canvas to a end in a deep auburn tone.


I took this one darker for winter at her base but left her summer buttery blonde on the bottom for drama.


This is my best friend of 10 years. We shaved a side! Now she has double identity because she can flip it to the other side to completely hide it and have an a-symmetrical bob! This is a dark chocolate cherry to spicy sangria splashlights.


Another day another ombre! This beauty deepened her base more brunette from lighter blonde, this could also be considered bronde to a certain degree.


Deep lava red to bonfire copper splashlights! Love that fringe as well!


Rocking this amazing undercut! Love it. Edgy yet tasteful.


Dark chocolate espresso to caramel latte! Choco-caramel dream!


Her natural brown to a golden copper melt. Love!


This color, my goodness, a rich ruby sangria red! Love it’s rich depth for fall!

Well there you have it! Get to changing that beautiful hair of yours. All color was done with Redken Chromatics or Shades Eq and all product used for styling was also Redken. If you couldn’t tell I’m quite the brand snob. Until next time lovelies!

A year later… Forgive me?

So my last post was almost a year ago… Either I have had a lot going on, or I’ve been downright lazy. Either way, I’m back and ready to start sharing my work with the world again! I also want to start doing product reviews and tutorials to get you beauties looking as fabulous as the models I have in my photos. If there’s always been some hairstyle you’ve wanted to learn or be taught, please leave a comment and I will try to get it on the list!

To post everything from the past year would take some time, so I’m going to post starting from a couple months back (when I finally got the iPhone 5s that takes excellent photos!) Please also be sure to check out my Photoshoots page and my Special Occasions page as I have done some updating to my portfolio and I’m positive you will love to feast your eyes upon the gorgeous images they have to offer.

So last month I took a  Tearsheet Luxury Finishing Workshop in NYC to extend my education in the editorial world of hair and fashion. It was 3 days and I had 4 models, and boy was it the time of my life! The images captured and the experienced gained were well worth it. It really helped fine-tune my skill and I am a better hairdresser because of it. I have a commitment to never stop learning, and this, my friends, was incredible.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

These are my instagram photos of the behind the scenes on the models. Please refer to my Photoshoots page to see the professional edited images. 




Some behind the scenes styling of yours truly. ;)

NYC… What a wonderful experience. Take me back!

Now for some photos in my new salon in Tampa, FL! Here are just some lovely clients of mine and the beautiful locks we were able to create.


Rich red to strawberry blonde splashlights. A soft amber fire glow. Redken Chromatics and Shades EQ cream make this color an absolute DREAM. Full of shine and depth.


Ashy blonde transformation! Redken Chemistry System Deep Conditioning Treatments kept this blonde looking beautiful through the different processes it had to go through to reach this look.


Balayage/ombre mix on short hair! Perfect for summer!


Before & After

Blonde highlights with a whisper of Privana’s Too Cute Coral pastel. A soft splashlight of fun! Summer loves this pastel trend!


Would you believe I shaved half her head underneath?! Love this cut! She can wear it two ways, which is an asset to those who dare to be fun but need to keep it professional too. Obsessed!


Summer sun-kissed blondes are always in trend. This look carries a soft golden beige hue I adore. It’s all thanks to Redken Shades Eq Gloss 09GB

Finally, we have some bridal and photoshoot events that I was able to style for. Here are a couple looks I snapped a photo of. Professional ones to come, of course.

16 17

Class, class, class. And more class.


vintage, soft, spice, and everything nice.

Lastly, who would have known that one of my dear clients would be a part of a bridal party I was booked to style for?! Isn’t she lovely…


What a small world.

Give a stranger a smile, it just might make their day.

Until next week, lovelies. Xo*

Summer HAIR lovin’

This summer has been obscenely hot and rainy and I haven’t been outside much… The humidity tends to have a bad influence on my hair and makes it misbehave, and makes me feel as though I will melt into a steaming puddle. Exaggeration? Yes.

Alas! Redken products save my life. Powder Refresh 01 is a dry shampoo that makes my heart sing. You have bangs? You get easily greasy day 2? This product will save your life and most importantly your blow dry.

Secondly, Pureology Precious Oil is AMAZING. That miracle product will tame your frizz, smooth your curl and moisturize your skin. It’s a heat protectant, a beneficial treatment oil and is made from vegan materials. Get some!

Now that I have told you your must haves, here is some wicked fun madness I’ve been doing… I have been having fun with photoshoots lately… The first a whimsical classic look with the beautiful Caitlin…

Now these are not the professional ones because I wouldn’t want anyone to take them…. But you can see the look and thereby get the idea :)



The flower crown was made by yours truly by a simple trip to Jo-Ann fabrics to get green flower wrap, twine and fabulous fake flowers

Find the tutorial here :)

The second photoshoot was urban chic with these GORGEOUS twins that are luckily both my clients. I took only one photo, wishing I had taken more :(


Then I had fun with a revised rendition between an ombré and a color block, and we both adored it.



Isn’t she fabulous?!

Then we had a long bob for this young lady and turned her long girl next door hairstyle to fashionista extraordinaire!



Well, that’s all for now! Have fun today and dare to be daring. Dare to be YOU!

Let’s cut some hair and call it “Bob”

Now where I come from, (Florida), the summers are almost deadly. So what do we do? Cut our hair OFF!



That last picture is EXTRA special haha! She’s a lovely, hilarious client :)





Her color is beautiful, we do a cool blonde highlight with cool cocoa low lights, gorgeous! And doesn’t she wear this “bob” well?! :)



Classy sun kissed highlights, we wanted to brighten this beauty up! Going from red to blonde, slowly… :)






Now she was off to a military ball, this woman is inspiring! Isn’t she glowing?! We just did this rich golden blonde color on her as well :)



And last but not least… A “lob” (long bob) for those more safe :) I love this Jennifer Anniston inspired cut with these fun waves!

Well, I hope I’ve inspired you to stay fabulous and never be scared to be daring! Hair is an accessory :D

Summer hair don’t care!

Well I don’t know about where you are, but things are heating up here in Florida! Summer hair is in the air!




SUM-OMBRÉ translation: summer ombré —-> LOVE!




Beautiful blondes… Tan… SUMMER!






Every angle because she’s just too cool. I had to capture it all! This is my brave one, we have continued to go shorter, and shorter, and shorter and now THIS! Good job brave one! You look fabulous, and so ready for SUMMER!


This one is not summery but she is my dark scarlett princess :) the florescent lighting in my salon does not do its beauty justice, she should be sending a better picture soon!




This is possibly my favorite color on her ends, a rich warm coppery sunset tone, perfect for a brunettes summer indulgence!



This is also one of my favorites, rich copper with splashes of vibrant fire red and warmed up and sun kissed in the front. LOVE.

That’s all for now… Go get your new summer do! Now.

Go ahead, compliment yourself! Read how:

How many of you know your face shape? Do you have a strong jawline? High cheekbones? What are you doing to compliment your natural God-given beauty the most? I’ll show you some simple ways of thinking that can you lead you to look and feel your best!

Let’s get started! Pull your hair back into a tight pony tail so you can clearly see the silhouette of your face. Looking at only the silhouette, take into consideration if you have a strong jawline, or high cheekbones. See where your face is the widest. Take a look at these photos to help guide you.




Oblong faces typically have consistent width, which can make them appear even longer. The right cut and color can balance out the length and enhance the beauty of this elegant face shape.


-Ask for color that’s darker at the hairline and lightened near the temples and jawline. Ombre starting at the temples is the perfect option for oblong face shapes, as it creates the illusion of roundness which is great for balancing the length. 


- Keep hair full at the sides with minimal height on top. Face framing layers work beautifully. Use Redken’s Fashion Work 12 versatile working spray to keep layers under control and add semi-matte shine.

-Skip middle parts and say YES to bangs! They’re a great option to diminish length. 


-Boat necks, off the shoulder neck lines, and strapless tops flatter oblong faces. Pair with shorter necklaces such as chokers, or princess length (18-20 inches long) necklaces for a pulled together look.

-Bold statement earrings are ideal! Earrings with added width such as chandelier styles are perfect!

-Draw attention to the center of the face to create balance: Sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks and never forget mascara to enhance those eyes!

Actresses with an oblong face shape are Kelly Rowland, Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker








Inverted triangle faces have a delicate chin and wider cheekbones. 


-Ask about color that is darker at the temples and forehead and lighter from the chin area downward. Ombre starting at your chin would be a beautiful enhancement to balance this face shape! Not to mention low-maintenance. 


-Ask for fullness around the jawline. Longer styles with choppy layers around the jawline are the perfect choice! Prefer a shorter cut? Absolutely! Try a blunt chin-length bob and stay classy. 

-Steer clear of top heavy styles, such as a heavy fringe or short boyish pixie cuts. Avoid slicked back pony tails as it can draw attention to your chin. Blow dry with a combination of Redken Aerate 08 all-over bodifying mousse and Redken Thickening Lotion to add volume to the lower lengths around your chin. 


-Scarves are a great accessory as well as blouses that have a tie neck. 

-Off-the-shoulder necklines, turtlenecks, scoop necks, sweetheart necklines and cowl-neck styles all flatter the heart face shape.

-Add a pop of color to your lips: Go for a dramatic berry shade or a true red!


Actresses with an inverted triangle face shape are Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Love Hewitt








Diamond faces have an angular shape with cheekbones that are wider than your brow bone and jawline. 


-Ask your stylist about highlights around the temples and jawline to create balance.


-Stick with styles that have fullness in either the crown or below the ears. Try Redken Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder to add volume exactly where you need it. Don’t forget to hold the style in place with Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray. 

-Stay away from middle parts as they enhance the angular shape, opt instead for a side part to soften the hard lines. 


-Necklaces are a must have for this face shape! Try layered styles to accentuate your neckline, or choker styles to frame your face. 

-High collars also frame this face shape beautifully. Pair with small drop earrings or studs to perfectly balance this look. 

-Play up your AMAZING cheekbones with blush or bronzer. A sheer formula with a hint of shimmer works best. Be fearless!


Actresses with a diamond face shape are Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry





Triangular faces have a strong, distinctive jawline. You have more width in the lower part of your face. It can be easily balanced with color techniques that draw attention away from the jaw. 


-It’s all about drawing the eye upward! Keep color darker from the ears down and put highlights or pops of color at the temples and fringe area. Color blocking is an amazing option as it draws attention to anywhere you place that show-stopping shade. Focus at the temples will bring attention to your eyes. 


-If you’ve been thinking about trying a short haircut, GO FOR IT! Short cuts that add width at the crown and forehead are perfect for this face shape!

-Prefer longer hair? Great! Keep it below your jawline and make sure you don’t have excessive fullness around your jaw. For example, avoid choppy jaw-length layers. Instead, try a sleek style: Apply Redken Duo Shield 07 Color Protecting Gel-Cream, then blow dry hair smooth with a paddle brush. 


- Collared shirts, sweetheart necklines, V-necks or necklines with scalloped edges all flatter a strong jawline. 

-Remember, opposites attract! Steer clear of jewelry that comes to a point. Opt for rounded shapes instead. 

-Play up your eyes to balance a strong jawline. Apply a deeper eyeshadow at the crease and a slightly lighter shade to the lids to enhance your eyes. Or be bold with a cat eye. Anything to bring the attention to your eyes. 

Actresses with a triangle face shape are Eva Mendes, Kelly Osbourne, and Demi Moore





Square faces have a strong shape and great bone structure! Your brow bone, cheekbones and jawline tend to have equal width, so adding softness can play down any harsh angles. 


-Go for highlights and lowlights to create that dimension! Ask your stylist to keep color deeper at the temples and place highlights at the cheekbones to create softness. 


-In general, keep your hair below your jaw or longer. Haircut that stop at the jawline can make your face appear even more squared-off. 

-Unless you want a bold haircut, stay away from cuts with strong lines, such as blunt bangs or a bob, they’re just too angular. Instead, go for side swept bangs, face-framing layers, or romantic waves. Try Redken Wax Blast 10 High Impact Finishing Spray-wax to enhance your waves and add perfectly tousled texture.


-Choose scalloped collars, round or scoop necks, and deep V-necks. All of these add softness to a square face shape. 

-Earrings with rounded shapes also help soften angular faces. Try classic hoops or other curved styles. 

-Sweep blush over your cheekbones to enhance your great bone structure. Choose a sheer shade with a slight shimmer for the most natural effect. Also, don’t forget about your brows! Keep them regularly groomed to give your face a natural lift. 

Actresses with square face shapes include Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, and Angelina Jolie





Rounder in shape, circular faces have all the right curves! 


-Try sun-kissed highlights to flatter circular faces. Ask your stylist to add highlights above your forehead and a darker shade at the cheeks and jawline. 


-Avoid chin-length cuts, blunt bangs, and middle parts. They’re too harsh and can actually add width to your face. Go for softer styles with A-symmetry: side-swept bangs and a side part work beautifully! So do choppy layers!

-Adding height at the crown helps to create the illusion of length. Try Redken Guts 10 Root-targeted volume spray foam for long lasting lift.


-Choose open necklines to create the illusion of length. What to avoid? Crew necks, which mimic the natural roundness of the face. 

-Earrings that are longer and leaner, such as thin chandelier styles.

-Play up a soft and feminine face by keeping makeup neutral and selecting softer tones. A classic nude lip always works well on this face shape!


Actresses with a circle face shape include Ginnifer Goodwin, Kelly Clarkson and Renee Zellwegger








A tip for finding if you face shape is oval: Your width should be 5 of your eyes across and your length should have the same distance from forehead to brow, Brow to nose, nose to chin.

If you have this face shape, feel very lucky, it means your face is perfectly balanced! Color and cut options are limitless for you!


-Any color placement will work! Have fun and ask your stylist about attention-getting colors like bold red or copper. Rich chocolate shades or platinum blonde will also have you turning heads. What are you afraid of?! Show off that beautiful face shape of yours, because, well, YOU CAN!


-Most haircuts work well, but avoid disrupting your natural balance with a style that accentuates length. 

-Get the most mileage out of your blow dry with Redken Powder Refresh 01 Aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo. Just mist on roots to absorb oil and give you that fresh look back!

Actresses with an oval face shape include Beyonce, Megan Fox, and Julia Roberts




Now that you know your face shape get into your closet and take inventory of what your already have that has shown to suit your face shape. Purge clothes you haven’t worn the past year and make room for styles that enhance your natural beauty. Don’t be a hoarder. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, you probably won’t in the future. Plus, think of all those who could actually put to use those clothes gathering dust. BE EMPOWERED TO PURGE

Secondly, google photos of the celebrities with your face shape. See the styles that don’t flatter them and find the pictures that make their face shape the most balanced. Get excited about the ways your can compliment your natural beauty simply by changing your hair style!

My resource for all this information was something Redken 5th Avenue put together and sent to my salon. I just put it in blog form! You can find out more about their products at http://www.redken.com  or schedule an appointment with me at The Edge Salon by Mystic Hair. http://www.edgesalontampa.com

If you wish to purchase products and are not in the Tampa area, simply go to their website and type your zip code in the salon locator. It’s very important to support local Redken salons with your business! 

I hope this was a helpful post, please post a comment with your face shape and one of the suggestions you want to try to enhance your features!